What is Provided?

Upon registration, each individual child's needs will be discussed and noted in their file to enable us to provide them with the things that they like!
We provide

  • all snacks throughout the day
  • Meals - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - again tailored for each child's needs for example pureed or vegetarian
  • Infant formula Milk (Each child has own and same brand as home)
  • Nappies and Pull ups
  • Baby Wipes
  • Sun Protection Lotion
  • Entrance Fees to Local Activity Groups and Outings
  • Ice Creams/Snacks when out and about
  • Structured activities planned for your child to enjoy - planned around ages and stages
  • Pushchair, rains, wrist bands and tabards (for use at setting)

We use and provide Naty Nappies, Natural and Biodegradable 
We are a in the Pampers Nursery Club and use Pampers Nappies 

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