What Do Ofsted say About Us???

 "The childminder and her assistants have positive relationships with parents and carers. Her effective information-sharing with them means the childminder has an in-depth understanding of children's care, learning and development."

"Children enjoy the time they spend outdoors looking at bugs and watching caterpillars turn into butterflies. Children make good progress in the area of understanding the world because the childminder provides children with first-hand experiences."

"Children learn about healthy lifestyles as the childminder provides them with opportunities to grow and harvest their own vegetables."

"  Children are settled, happy and content because the childminder and her assistants are consistent and caring."

"Children have good language and communication as the childminder uses her knowledge of children and their family to enhance children's language and critical- thinking skills through effective questioning."       

Please feel free to read the full version of our latest report by clicking on this link...

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